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How to build a cat tree?

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If you ever had a pet cat, you would have surely realized how it climbs the furniture as well as the doors. The normal behavior of the cat is such that they would keep on playing vertically rather than horizontally. In such a case, many cat owners are facing the question how to build a cat tree. If they are able to build the cat tree successfully, they would be able to provide a separate playing area for the cats. This would not only ensure that the cats are safer in that separate playing area but it would also ensure that your furniture is not impacted in any negative way. Today we would be answering your question of how to build a cat tree.

We would discuss the step-by-step procedure in order to help you out.

1. Get a ladder:

ladder photo

Instead of starting from scratch, you have to 1st get a ladder. If you’re able to get a ladder, that is only when you would be able to start it quite easily.

You need to also understand that when you’re able to get the ladder, you would be able to easily change the structure of the ladder in order to convert it into a cat tree.

2. Getting the materials ready:

cat tre photo

After that, you have to try and get the materials ready.

You would need plywood as well as hammer and nails. You would also need carpet and electric gun. You also need to look into the fabric which you can use for your cats. Also, you would be needing a piece of cloth in order to make a hammock.

In addition to that, you would be needing a box of paint. Moreover, you would be needing a string with which,the cats can play with.

Once you’re having all of this stuff, that is only when you can go ahead with creating a cat tree.

3. Getting the ladder ready structurally:

cat tre photo

The 1st thing which you have to do is to clean the ladder and sand it completely in order to make it smooth.

After that, you have to start with the painting.

Once the painting is done and it has dried, you have to attach the pieces of ply in between the different sides of the ladder by attaching them to the steps.

This is where the electric nail gun would come into the picture.

4. Creating the hammock:

hammock photo


After that, you have to create the hammock between the 2 different sides of the platforms.

So, if you’re looking at the ways in which you can create a cat tree, these are the options which you have to keep in mind and how to build a cat tree.

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