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How to Care for Your Dog After Surgery (Care Tips)

Written by yönetim

Today we will be talking about how to look after your dog after surgery. Now many dogs have to go into surgery for many different reasons and you guys might want to learn a little bit, on how you can care for them.

When they have come home now it’s obvious that every single post-operative care that you have to give your dog. Is it not a standard procedure every single dog is different and will require different needs. We’re going to be giving sort of an overall on what you should be doing for your dog and how you might have to care for them.

Before we begin definitely do go down below to the comments and let me know has your dog ever gone in for any surgeries. We absolutely love to hear what you guys have to say at Relax My Dog, so definitely do let us know down below in the comments now post-operative care will depend on your dog their age their condition and also what type of surgery they are going for.

It’s very important to not take this article as a step-by-step guide on what you should do with your pet it’s definitely something to look at as an overall basis and to think about, whether that specific one is important for your dog now. It’s very very important to know as well that your dog will be extremely sleepy about 12 to 24 hours after their surgery.

Don’t think they’re going to be their playful selves, because they really are not and but definitely do keep an eye on them during this time. Because like I say they will be sleepy they might not want to eat may not be allowed to eat so this is also something to consider that don’t be worried straight after their surgery. They will not be their usual self and you shouldn’t really expect them to be. I’m sure if you were to go for surgery you wouldn’t be yourself 12 to 24 hours after so definitely do it take that into account our first top tip is to definitely go and ask your vet any specifics that you need to be performing for your dog .

Obviously they all know what specific surgery your dog has had and what after care they require. That is a first top tip but go over to your vets give them a call ask them what requirements. They need to have there might need medication etc. Do give them a call or they probably will speak to you after their dog surgery anyway our second top tip is that that confinement is important you want your dog to do as little walking as possible.

If they start to walk they may start to stretch their wounds meaning, that they could break the stitching and therefore the recovery will be a lot longer so confinement is important even though this time you want to help your dog and be very close to them. It kind of is important for you not to be to a point because you don’t want any sort of accidents to happen number three is all about home remedies. I’m sure you guys know that once you do take your dog into surgery you are given a lot of medication to give your dog after surgery and also you might be able to find there are lots of home remedies to do online as well.

It’s very important to make sure you are researching the remedies ask the vets if you should be doing them for your pet and to just generally, make sure that there’s nothing harmful for your dog your dog might have allergies to certain remedies etc. Do consult your vet at any given point number four is to check your dog’s incision this again is very very sort of hit and miss. Because some vets will tell you not to go near it however some vets will tell you to check it on a regular basis if you are meant to check it on a regular basis make sure you’re washing your hands every single time, you’re going near that area because obviously at this time.

It will be very easy for your dog to catch any sort of infections, so this is also very very important that you wash your hands and you stay extra clean around that area number five is to comfort your pets obviously within the first few days definitely.

Let them have that confinement experience but also after that time make sure you’re comforting them make sure you getting them their favorite treat making them their favorite meal, buying them their new toy just basically comforting your pet. I’m sure at this time your pet may hate you a little bit because, I’m sure Milo looks like he hates me right now but your pet might be hating you at that moment.

They think it’s all your fault and you’ve done that to them so definitely do comfort them and make them feel a little bit better.

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