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How to Keep your pets from Heatstroke

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Hot summer weather can be more dangerous to dogs than many pet owners realize. When a dog’s internal temperature is raised too high (generally about 106°F or 41°C), they can suffer a potentially fatal heat stroke. To keep your dog cool, make sure that they are prepared for hot weather with plenty of water and shade. If you are walking your dog, you may want to switch your usual path for a cooler, shadier trail. Driving with dogs presents its own risks, and whether you are going to the store or on a long-distance road trip, you should make sure your dog has what they need for the journey. Never leave a dog in a car alone.

Leave a water bowl outside.

If you have a backyard where your dog runs free, you should leave out a full bowl of water when they are running around in the heat. Refill this bowl every time your dog goes outside to make sure that it is cool and fresh.

Keep your pet hydrated

Make sure Fido has lots and lots of water around to keep him cool. Dehydration affects all dogs and typical signs of dehydration include drooling, bloodshot eyes or sluggishness.

Be aware of overheating symptoms

Symptoms include increased heart and respiratory rate, fatigue, drooling, excessive panting, dry or pale gums, glazed eyes and high body temperature.

Trim but do not shave their coat.

Dogs’ fur is designed not only to keep them warm but to protect their skin from the sun. Some breeds have heavier coats than others, and you may want to take them to a dog groomer to have their coat trimmed for the summer months. That said, do not shave your dog, or you may leave them at risk for sunburn and overheating.

Exercise your dog in the morning or late at night when it’s cooler

Don’t overdo physical exertion in the summer months, but when you take your dog out for a walk or run, be sure to do so when it’s a bit cooler outside.

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